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Please indicate the name and address of your Pastor who will privide a reference on your behalf. Please have these persons complete the reference forms and return them to you in sealed envelopes, include them along with the application form you send to GLOBAL UNIVERSITY INDIA.

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I solemnly declare that all the above information is accurate and true to the best of my knowledge. I understand that any false and misleading information given above may lead to disqualification for admission or continuance at Global University India and that acceptance to Global University India is subject to review and verification of all final records from all institutions I have attended.

If admitted,
• I shall attempt to discipline myself in self study.
• I shall accept and abide by the decisions of the administration of Global University India, if my behaviour, character or doctrine   is contrary to the spirit and emphasis of GUI and understand, including the possible termination of my study at Global University   India.

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